Issue #02
SO—AND—SO Hoogerbrugge.
Run Motherfucker Dance in Anaglyph 3D.
Edtion of 100.
Released in June 2012.

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145x78mm, 180 flipping pages.
Hand-sewing japanese binding.
Printed with 4 spot colors on Fedrigoni Century paper.
Cover and intro pager are letterpressed on Fedrigoni Materica and Cotton Wove papers with Asbern AD-1 proof press by Archivio Tipografico in Torino, Italy.
Sleeve is letterpressed with 3 colors, on French Company Dur-O-Tone Butcher Off White paper, with Vandercook press by SWAYSPACE in Brooklyn, NY.

Each copy is numbered and signed by Hoogerbrugge and comes with anaglyph 3D paper glasses.

The idea behind this issue is to translate on paper the animation by the artist, produced exscusively for the project, through the form of a flipbook. Each frame of the animation has been exported and converted to obtain a 3D anaglyph effect.

Hoogerbrugge is a Dutch artist and one of the pioneers of internet art . He is known for his Flash interactive animations he regularly posts on the net since the end of the 1990s. His work explores the contemporary human condition through a figure which is both self-portait and alter-ego, a man in a characteristic black-and-white suit which regularly features in his minimal, monochromatic web-based animations.

He is based in Rotterdam and has worked on different commissioned projects for different clients around the world. Among them: New York Times, Entertaining Company Sony, Mitsubishi, TROS tv, Quote Magazine, Diesel, MTV, Meltin'Pot, Motorola, ING private banking. He has also made some music videos for Dead Man Ray, The Young Punx and Pet Shop Boys.

In 2011 he took part at the Venice Art Biennal in the exhibition Speech Matters curated by Katerina Gregos at the Danish Pavilion.

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